Doctor | Actor | Writer | Entrepreneur | Influencer

Ali GhozlanAbout

Doctor | Actor | Writer | Entrepreneur | Influencer

He is a graduate of medical school at Alexandria University, an Ophthalmologist, Entrepreneur, Actor, influencer and author of a Success Addict book which is the best selling book in Cairo book fair 2020 with more than 12000 sold copies, Owner of stomach fried chicken and Egyguide entertainment. Moreover, he is followed by more than 2 million followers on Instagram and 2.3 million on Facebook. And a total of 78 million views on youtube and 1.2 billion views on Facebook. Also, he has many songs like ra2es algmohya ,Ana Dawla and Katl A’amd ( Deliberate murder ) to raise awareness against bullying with more than 2.3 million views only on youtube.






  • Stomach Fried Chicken first opening was at 1st of march, 2019 with 10 employees. Now stomach is running 6 branches in Cairo, Giza, Algharbya and Alexandria with 480 employees. Besides a factory sits at 6th of october by volume at 2000 m2.

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